We provide prior owner name, property address, parcel number, sale date, case number & the surplus amount.

The records are uploaded on your client portal. Our support team emails you as soon as the records are updated.

Yes but searches are carried on a separate cost. Please see the add-ons on the pricing section.

Our Research team has access to Lexis Nexis, Locate Plus, Skip Genie & IDI Core. We use these tools to skip-trace and verify the homeowners data.

Yes. Absolutely. You can upload your file here and one of our Representative will get back to you shortly. 

Upload Form

Please see the following PDF & CSV File.

Yes. We can create a customized client portal where your claimants can receive updates from you and your attorneys. You can also organise your surplus data base on it.

It depends on the plan that you choose but we typically deliver it within 2-3 business days.

This is just one of the samples of how we design the websites. Designs can always be customized as per your requirements. 


All of our plans come with logo design. Our team sends you 7-8 logos to choose from.

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