Get Surplus Funds List, VA, Web Design, and CRM Services

Are you a company/individual assisting rightful homeowners in claiming surplus funds, but find the process overwhelming or lacking efficient resources to save time and close more deals? look no further.

Excess Quest is your all-in-one solution for surplus funds lists, virtual assistants, web design and CRM services.

Our Services

At EQ, We eliminate the need for investing in multiple property search tools or spending endless hours at online or in-person foreclosure and tax sale auctions.

No more navigating sherrif sale listing or requesting county treasurer’s for surplus funds list.

Plus, There’s no need to hunt for virtual assistants—we handle the training, with particular emphasis on excess proceeds. Our industry-savvy web designers specialize in building websites that foster trust with homeowners. And our CRM? It’s specifically designed for the surplus funds industry—simple, user-friendly, and efficient. Our solutions liberate you from these tasks, so you can focus on what truly matters — successful excess fund recovery.

Lead Generation Services

Having trouble finding surplus funds lists? Our team of experts closely monitor foreclosures and tax sales by law firms, sheriffs, and counties. Gain access to these leads through our custom-built CRM, specifically designed for surplus funds industry. Our system allows you to keep track of your follow ups, commissions, attorney costs and case stages. Count on Excess Quest to make your surplus funds recovery journey easier and more efficient. Find reliable surplus funds lists with us today!

Surplus Funds Leads in a custom-built CRM - Lead Generation Services
Virtual Assistant Services for Surplus Your Funds Recovery Company

Virtual Assistant Services

Tired of hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs) from freelance platforms and spending time training them, only to see them struggle to deliver results? At Excess Quest, our VAs come with over 3 years of experience in making initial contact for surplus recovery companies and closing deals.

Web Development Services

Are you in the early stages of your Surplus Funds Recovery business and do not have a website yet? At EQ, We offer the most affordable web design packages with annual renewals as low as $80. Our web designers understand the perfect balance of color schemes and engaging content required in building trust with homeowners who are going through foreclosure.

Web Development Services for Surplus Funds Recovery Company

Why EQ?

Your quest for surplus funds recovery partner begins and ends with Excess Quest. We understand the hurdles that come with the surplus funds recovery process – the countless hours spent on property searches, the inconvenience of trips to county treasurer’s offices, and the frustration of securing reliable surplus funds lists. That’s where we come in. We are to committed to eliminating these challenges, transforming the way you work the business. 

Industry Expertise

With three years of experience, Excess Quest is a trusted name in the surplus recovery industry.

Diverse Clientele

We have successfully collaborated with surplus recovery firm owners, attorneys, surplus recovery students, and surplus coaches.

All in one Solution

Excess Quest is the number one and only company in surplus funds industry that provides specialized services, including web design, CRM, virtual assistants, skip tracers, and lead researchers. We take pride in being your one-stop solution.

Reviews from Satisfied Clients

"I highly recommend Excess Quest. They can build you a superior looking website, handle your marketing, as well as, provide skip tracing and lead generation services. If you are looking to automate any part of your surplus funds business, Excess Quest is your go to resource"
Nick Fullmer
Surplus Coach & Business Owner
"Excess Quest is a great service for those who don't have the time or desire to build their own lead lists. We've tried many services but have found EQ to be the best"
Brian Brown
Head Of Cient Relations
Excess Quest assigned me a virtual assistant. I have been very pleased with his work ethic. I also buy leads from Excess Quest and they are very responsive if I have any issues. I highly recommend Excess Quest!
Edwin Reina
Business Owner

Trusted by Surplus Funds Attorneys, Mentors and Students


We have complied the commonly asked questions, If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

We offer a wide range of services for clients in Surplus Funds Recovery business such as  website design, cold calls, skip tracing, surplus funds lists, preforeclosure lists and CRM to help you manage your leads.

Excess Quest has been a trusted partner in the surplus funds recovery industry for three years. Our team has great deal of experience in the industry,

Our surplus lists include details such as property addresses, previous owner contact information, sale information; opening bid, winning bid, potential excess funds amount, mortgage information and other relevant data to assist you in excess funds recovery efforts.

All leads are uploaded in our CRM Portal at


No, we do not conduct lien searches. However, we perform an overview check on estimated mortgage balances and principal loan amount for you. For more detailed information on liens, we strongly recommend using the services of professional title search company to locate any associated liens with the property after you have secured a client.

We use a combination of paid skip tracing tools to verify homeowner contact information such as Skip Genie & Locate Plus

We run deep scans on property owners and their relatives. If you don’t find the information with us, it’s likely that other tools may also face challenges in getting you the desired details. 

Certainly! You can hire a virtual assistant with us to assist you with skip tracing.

We continue to add new information to our leads to assist clients better. As of 1st January 2024, this is the information our sample lead contains.

Feel free to take advantage of our 3 day free trial for lead generation services to understand our services better.

We typically get our auction data on same day as the property is sold and update the leads with surplus funds in real-time in our CRM.


Depending on the plan you choose, our website development timeline typically ranges between 3 to 7 business days.

Yes, absolutely! You can reach out to our team via live chat or email at and we will assist you with any changes you need to your website. 

Yes, we welcome customization requests. Feel free to discuss any additional features you’d like, and our team will work to incorporate them into your website.

Absolutely! We offer website redesign services to give your existing site a fresh and modern look. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Virtual Assistants can help you with skip tracing, making initial contact through cold calls, scheduling appointments, and assisting with the drafting of paperwork.

Yes, we offer both part-time and full-time virtual assistant plans at Excess Quest. Choose the plan that fits well with your workload and preferences.

Communication is made easy at Excess Quest. We provide Google virtual space to you that, includes chat, task management and video meetings.

Certainly! If your requirements change or you prefer a different skill set, we can facilitate a change in your virtual assistant. 

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