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Our portfolio showcases custom-built websites designed to meet the specific needs of surplus funds recovery businesses. Our websites feature interfaces for easy navigation and helps you stand out from the crowd.

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Web Development Services for Surplus Funds Recovery Company


We had the oppertunity to partner with surplus recovery firm from Nevada to create their website, logo, and overall brand aesthetic, effectively highlighting their expertise. Our design decisions, such as the gold and blue color scheme, were carefully chosen to provide a high-quality touch to the firm’s identity. The eagle emblem was incorporated to represent trust and confidence, core elements of JDK’s brand values.


Our team collaborated with a Surplus Funds Recovery company from Oklahoma to work on their website and carefully present the minimalist look and incorporate the use of corporate blue. 


We teamed up with a surplus funds recovery firm in Florida to build their website. They gave us a basic idea for the site’s design, and we made it reflect their vision by using their preferred color scheme to personalize the experience and match their brand identity.


We teamed up with a surplus proceeds recovery firm in California to create their logo, carefully crafting a digital representation based on their concept. Their input guided the color selection, ensuring the design aligned with their brand identity. Alongside logo creation, we also assisted with their website development, providing a comprehensive service package to boost their online presence.


Our engagement with an Indiana-based law firm presented us with the challenge of recovering content and media lost due to their hosting company going out of business. We successfully retrieved the essential data and went a step further, assisting the firm in redesigning their digital presence. This comprehensive approach not only restored their online content but also infused their website with a fresh, modern design that aligns with their professional ethos.

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