Foreclosure & Tax Sale Auction Results Daily

At Excess Quest, we have a system in place that will deliver you leads with potential surplus funds once properties have been sold to an investor. Our strategy revolves around closely monitoring foreclosure and tax sale auctions held by counties, trustees, and sheriffs, both in-person and online.


Foreclosure and Tax Sale Tracking

At Excess Quest, we kick-start our strategic lead generation process by monitoring foreclosures and tax sales across many states. Our expert team compiles a list of properties sold to third parties that have excess funds over $20,000. 


List Organization and Property Scans

After putting together list of leads with potential excess funds, we then run property searches to find out about estimated mortgage balance and principal amount and add essential details such as the previous homeowner’s contact information, associated relatives, property address, Parcel ID, Case Number, and auction data like opening bids, winning bids, mortgage specifics, and trustee contact details. 


Skip Tracing for Comprehensive Contact Information

After finding required information for the leads. Our team, then begins skip tracing previous homeowners, their relatives/associates and compares the data from different paid skip tracing tools to get you the best results.


Leads Added in Real Time

We swiftly update the information in our advanced, custom-built CRM for Surplus Funds allowing you to pick your cases, beat competition and secure deals faster. On average, we add 20-40 fresh leads but it can vary depending on the plan you select.

Key features

Here are some key features explaining why our lead generation services stand out as the best in the Surplus Funds industry:

Accurate Skip Tracing

Our team utilizes paid skip tracing tools to locate homeowners. We find the most precise and up-to-date contact information for the leads.

Property Researches

We perform deep property research to gather crucial data. From estimating mortgage balances to principal amounts, our data helps you make a decision on what leads to pursue.

Auction Monitoring

Rely on our team to monitor real-time foreclosure auction results, making sureyou never miss a potential surplus funds case.

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We understand the importance of staying ahead in the surplus recovery game. With our service, be prepared to have a fresh leads updated in CRM. Stay proactive & Carpe diem.

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