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Elevate your surplus recovery with our streamlined service: foreclosure tracking, efficient list organization, comprehensive skip tracing, and timely delivery of lead lists. Seize deals with precision and speed.

Automated, Efficient, Comprehensive

Experience our efficient surplus recovery lead generation service—comprehensive tracking, proactive data organization, and timely delivery of lead lists. lock deals with our expert team at your side.


Foreclosure and Tax Sale Tracking

We initiate the lead generation process by actively tracking foreclosures and tax sales in various states. Our comprehensive database is continuously updated to ensure we capture relevant 3rd-party sold foreclosure leads


List Organization and Property Scans

The gathered foreclosure leads are meticulously organized into a list. Subsequently, we run detailed property reports to identify the property owner who lost the property. We also assess estimated mortgage balances and taxes, comparing them with opening bids in auctions to determine the potential excess funds.


Skip Tracing for Comprehensive Contact Information

Our dedicated team utilizes paid skip tracing tools to extract detailed contact information. This includes not only the property owners but also their relatives and associates. This step ensures a comprehensive lead list with accurate and verified data.


Swift Delivery of Lead List

On the same day as the sale, we compile the lead list into a Google Spreadsheet format. This list contains essential details, including property owner contacts, associated individuals, and relevant information about the excess funds. You receive this comprehensive lead list promptly, allowing you to take immediate action on potential deals

Key features

Here are some key features explaining why our lead generation services stand out as the best in the industry:

Sales Tracking

Streamlined tracking of foreclosures and tax sales across various states for up-to-date and relevant data.

Efficient List Organization

Meticulous organization of 3rd-party sold foreclosure leads into a well-structured list for easy accessibility and management.

Property Searches

Proactive generation of detailed property reports, identifying owners, estimated mortgage balances, and taxes, ensuring comprehensive surplus recovery insights

Comprehensive Skip Tracing

Utilization of advanced skip tracing tools for in-depth research, providing not only property owner contacts but also details on relatives and associates.

Timely Lead List Delivery

Swift compilation of lead lists in Google Spreadsheet format on the same day of the sale, enabling immediate action.

Personalized Services

Depending on the state you prefer to work in, our dedicated team will conduct thorough research to tailor the lead generation process, ensuring that the leads provided align seamlessly with your specific surplus recovery objectives.

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